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Details for submission

We are looking for artists that are wanting to exhibit their artwork at our cafe galleries. The locations include The Vant’ Garde (previously Kompass Coffee), a gallery within the Smith & Caughey in New Market and Cafe soon to open in Ponsonby mid-July. Our search for artists will be open-ended as we are pushing through to open up more locations that will be suitable for the exhibitions. We will be reviewing and considering all applications that are sent to us. Although you may not be contacted immediately - we will have your artwork listed in our database and have them considered for our future better-fitting and upcoming exhibitions

Submit your proposal to be added/listed at our artist list.

The submission should include the following;

- Portfolio with a cover letter with all contact information

- Image with description of the works you would like to exhibit or an example of relevant previous work

- Earliest possible date for meeting

Please send all proposals to

All the best, and we will consider and reach out, with feedback, to all proposals provided.